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Sylvia's Models and Talent 2008 - 2009 "Tuition"

Modeling and Acting classes age 4 -12 yrs.
$70.00 per month
$10.00 registration fee
First month you pay 1st and last month in advance = $150.00
Then $70.00 per month following. (the last month you take is paid for up front).

Modeling and Acting classes age 13 yrs. - up
These students will attend a personal development course for one month
(only the 1st month)
$150.00 (this includes registration fee)
The students then transfer to modeling/Runway class
$70.00 per month
You pay 1st and last month in advance - $140.00 plus $10.00 (Registration fee)
Then $70.00 per month after
Personal Development Course consist of:
1. Posture/Poise
2. Proper Stance/Hesitations and Walk
3. Manners
4. Self presentation on Bookings and  Castings
5. Self Introduction
6. What is expected of professional models
7. What to wear and bring to classes and shows

Private Personal Development - $85.00 per month

Private Runway Modeling - $85.00 per month

Pageant Training/Preparation - $85.00 per month
All monthly class tuition MUST be paid by end of month or there will be a
late fee charge of $5.00

Dress Code for classes
Neat clothing - No flip flops - 13 and up (heels required)

Agency Representation Only (no classes) -
$150.00 per year (with classes) - $50.00 per yr.
You will be placed on our web site for available bookings. You will provide the Agency with a composite card or 3 photos. Professional photographers available upon request. All photos will be approved by Agency first.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition is a monthly rate and is not pro-rated because of missed classes or holidays. The extra lessons earned during the months with 5 classes normally compensate for off days. Classes are set up on a 4 week, monthly basis which means that you are paying for four classes each month. Some months have 5 classes with no extra charge. These accumulate extra hours to make up for holidays, absence or other reasons. Fashion Show and rehearsals also count as class time.
Making up missed classes: Provided the student notifies the agency 24 hours in advance for absence, the student will qualify to make up missed class time at the convenience of the agency. At  the sole discretion of the agency, these missed lessons can be made up either by rescheduling the class or attending a workshop set up for this purpose.
Holidays: The following holidays are observed. New Years Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Two weeks for Christmas, and Spring Break.

Any Model, Singer or Actor going to the "MB Model and Talent Expo" in Dallas...training is FREE. This in included in your "Expo package". You will spend 4 days in Dallas, TX - Meet over 50 prestigious Agents, Scouts, and Talent Directors one on one. You will have the opportunity to showcase yourself in Runway, Acting, Talent, Singing, Dancing, etc. This convention is an amazing experience to attend!
Expo Cost - $1,995.00 (We teach you how to get sponsors and have fundraiser's to help with and sometime cover cost!)